Welcome to Erasmus Employment Plus

 Erasmus Employment Plus equips guidance practitioners with skills and knowledge to provide customised support for sustained progression, empowering those with limited skills and qualifications #itsaboutpeople

The aim of our project is to develop new, tailored guidance practice that¬† addresses the social exclusion of Europe’s adult citizens in the labour market who have limited skills and qualifications. These clients may be unemployed or working in unskilled and low-skilled occupations.

By developing the skills, knowledge and competencies of guidance practitioners, we hope to equip them with the confidence and tools to support their clients in the rapidly changing global labour market.

We believe that there is work to be done in this area as, often, guidance offers are not specifically designed for those adults with limited skills and qualifications.

The expected project outputs will be developed over three years through effective collaboration between a range of experienced project partners from across Europe. We will begin by producing a Methodological Concept, which will inform the direction of the subsequent outputs. The Matrix of Learning Competences will set out the detailed occupational knowledge, skills, and competencies for working with this client group. These two outputs will inform the development of a set of Training Modules and accompanying Learning Facilitator’s Guide. Alongside this, we will produce an e-learning platform, which will act as a shared digital space for all EEP guidance practitioners. The final two outputs will be a Skills Assessment Tool, and a Guide to Quality Standards and Success Criteria.

We look forward to working on this important project. Please do follow our journey and get in touch if you’d like to get involved in the project development!


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